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[Skin Factory] 7 Seconds Speed White Cream 요약정보 및 구매

White Cream

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Manufacturer New&New Co., Ltd.
Place of Origin Made in Korea
Brands Skin Factory
Price $ 25.99
Min.Order 1Piece
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Product Details

Item basic

White Cream

Item detail

Instantly brightens your skin tone on application.
This cream is not only wonderful for your face, but also for the rest of your body.
Apply the cream before applying make-up.  it contains active ingredients niacinamide which are excellent for whitening.
It contains the powerful anti-wrinkle ingredient adenosine.
7 seconds speed white helps maintain your skin’s natural moisture barrier and keeps your skin moist and smooth.




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Company Name : Skin Factory Co., Ltd

Brand Name : Skin Factory

Year Established : 2009

Address : 13, Eonjuro 81-Gil, Gangnamgu,Seoul, South Korea

Website :

Telephone : 82-70-7521-5155

Fax : 0505-999-5515

Contact Information

Contact Person : Kelly Kim

Telephone : 82-70-7521-5155

Fax : 0505-999-5515

Email :




Skin Factory established in 2009 and is a brand that is developed and researched by cosmetics and dermatology experts, plastic surgery experts, and oriental doctors.

We have been upheld through 4 principles, Principle of preservative -free products,little irritation, raw material-centric principle, and effect satisfaction.


Skin Factory philosophy is described as below :

1. All products completed dermatological tests.

2. All components disclosed 100%.

3. We seek Safe Mild System, 5-Free Skin Care Products.(Non Paraben,Non Frangrance, Non Alcohol, Non Mineral Oil, Non Artificial Pigments)

4. We do not test on animals.

5. True skin improvement- we make cosmetics products using natural preservatives.

6. We focus on production raw material rather than exaggerated packaging and advertising.

7. We are willing to research and develop unique cosmetic products.


We have been expanded our business as below:

- We are selling our products all across the 16 countries including the United States, Japan and Southeast Asia. 

- Our products have been being sold and popular at famous overseas beauty drugstores such as Watsons, Mannings, SASA in Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia etc. 

- Our brand has been introduced at various TV programs and celebrities also use our products. 

- Entered at domestic Lotte Duty Free Shop, Shilla DFS, Walkerhills DFS, Grand DFS. 

- We have sales record that 100,000 mask packs are sold in one-day and currently we sold 50 million mask packs.

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Q & A

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